Graphic Design Portfolio

Communicate your brand visually

Logo Design

Creative brand identity

Packaging Design

Eye catching design drawing consumers

Print Design

Brochures, pamphlets, company profiles


Company identity

Amampondo Kingdom

Symbolic royal coat of arms incorporating cultural symbolism

Robin's View

This logo cleverly links the illustration of a robin with the letter R

Logo Design

A few of our designs through the years.


Designed to bear a close resemblance to the font on an actual tyre

Tuscany by the Sea

Designed to reflect the establishment’s up-market exclusivity

Sardine Run

Logo designed to reflect the wildlife within the depths of ocean


Logo Design incorporating the look of sliding security barriers

Criterion Powersports

Logo design and presentation on riding gear.


Early example of elegant clean logo design that is visually striking.

Docbro Group

Group logo design

Fanconi Anaemia

Symbolic design which effectively creates awareness about Fanconi Anaemia


Designed with bright vibrant colours intended to stand out in the midst of competitors


Represents the service provided by the company in a creative and unique manner


Logo design for waterproof golf bag cover manufacturer.

Hilltop Guesthouse

Incorporates the guesthouse  view as part of the logo thereby establishing brand recognition


We have many years of experience in designing for product packaging.

Blue Mouth Sherbet

Designed with bright, vibrant colours aimed at attracting the young target market

Cloud Nine

Effectively represents the service provided by the company in a creative and unique manner

Viking Naks

Viking Naks chips wrapper design created for chips manufacturer

Deluxe Toffee

Classic design structure which conveys the sophisticated nature of the brand

3J Company Profile

Company profile design with client information for printing

Nordic Eco Brochure

Product pamphlet design.

Print Design

Pamphlets, brochures, vehicle wraps, letterheads, business cards – if you need it printed we can design it.

Marburg Sweets Brochure

Customised Product brochure 

Agulhas360 Brochure

Customised Logo and brochure design

Eco Shower Pamphlets

Pamphlet design

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M-Squared Designs is based in Umtentweni on the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal. We started creating websites as a hobby but it quickly became a full time passion. We are lucky to be living the dictum “Find a job you love and you won’t have to work another day in your life!”

As with all industries in Web Design you will also find people that do not have their clients’ best interest at heart – that is why at M-Squared Designs we take YOUR business as seriously as you do.Just ask any of our clients – we are sure they won’t mind!

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